Personalize your
interior with unusual
decorating ideas!

Personalize existing objects and make them into real decorative accessories for different rooms of the house.

Flea markets and garage sales are events where you can find unusual decorative objects.

It is possible to choose a theme for the interior decoration and choose the accessories according to it.

Possibility to use recycled materials to make decorative objects.

Living room decoration

Modern living room or classic living room: Each one has his or her own taste!

Some have a penchant for modern living rooms. In this case, they use decorating accessories in line with this style. This is reflected mainly in the furniture trends used, lighting, sports and ceiling lights …

Others prefer classicism to decorate the living room. They usually opt for accessories dating back to a certain era such as the 80s. Thus, vintage items are among the most popular objects in interior design and especially for the living room. However you may add a hint of lighting and sents with mists and frangrances found on Maison Berger.

Decoration de salon

Tips and suggestions

Room by room decorating tips

Find some tips and tricks for various rooms in your home to give
them a certain aesthetic touch.

Bathroom decoration

Bathroom decoration: ideas and tips

If we mainly take care of the living room and room decoration, the bathroom is a room that we are more and more interested in. The search for a certain well-being and the desire for relaxation are all factors which make it worth considering.

01. Storage

Decorative mirrors and practical storage

The mirror is an essential accessory in a bathroom. This does not prevent insisting on the aesthetic side rather than the functional side to embellish the room. The storage units are not left out since they are needed to store various objects such as shampoos, shower gel and especially towels and sheets.

02. Lighting

Design and stylish lighting to adopt

In order to bring a touch of softness and beauty to your bathroom, do not hesitate to equip it with design and stylish lighting devices. In fact, a wide range of accessories, such as ceiling lights, spotlights and lights are available. They give the room a subdued atmosphere conducive to relaxation.

The decorating specialists and decorating coaching

In order to succeed in interior design, it is possible to call on the services of specialists such as coaches and interior designers, or to consult specialized websites, whose ideas and recommendations will be very useful.

Kitchen decoration

Decoration ideas for
a functional kitchen

Timeless and practical China Cabinets

The ability to store a maximum number of objects, an aesthetic in line with the kitchen decor, and easy access are the main characteristics of a China Cabinet.

Table linens, a touch of beauty

Covering the tables with solid color or patterned tablecloths, storing tea towels, placemats and other objects to embellish them

The return of wood in the modern kitchen

Wood is back in fashion in the kitchen. It is present in several parts of this room as the credenza, the elements, the work table …

Decorating ideas

Find interior design ideas

Scandinavian style baby room decor

Scandinavian style baby room decor

Original children's room to make them dream

Original children's room to make them dream

Inspiring rooms for your teenagers

Inspiring rooms for your teenagers

Classical-Chic style for the parents

Classical-Chic style for the parents' bedroom

Decorating and lighting

Waking up with natural light: zoom on the trendy devices

What is better than waking up with natural light to start the day in good shape? There are many trendy devices that are made to resemble this type of light to the maximum, such as fiber optic systems that capture sunlight, LED light bulbs (ceiling lights, spotlights, etc.), more on

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