How does the Catalysis system work?

Inhaling vapours as well as toxic elements is something that occurs frequently in everyday life. However, in the long run it can cause damage to the lungs and the general health of the body. Scientific advances have now made it possible to find solutions to this problem. The catalytic system is a perfect example, as it will reduce the emissions and the spread of chemical elements. Knowing how it works becomes necessary in this context.

The principle

Catalysis is represented by a series of actions allowing to purify the air by destroying or transforming the pollutants into lighter and less toxic matter. The catalysis system was born in the 90's and has now become an essential part of everyday life. Its role is to evaluate the level of toxic substances present in the oxygen in order to separate them and remove the harmful substances. In this order, the catalysis system will be able to transform carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide, and it will also be able to reduce the effects of hydrocarbons. The system can therefore be described as a particle filter that will only let through those that are not harmful to health. The operations will be performed by a device called catalyst, there are different types to meet the needs of each. Several online sites can offer you more detailed information on the subject and propose catalysts, such as Maison Berger in Paris.

The advantages

The first advantage concerns the sanitary aspect. Having a catalytic converter will provide you with much healthier air and a safer environment. It will be agreed that less frequent inhalations of toxic substances will have a direct impact on your well-being. It will prevent migraines, headaches and lung problems. In addition, the catalysis system is easy to use, and you will find it easy to install and replace. Depending on your needs, you will be able to find some at very reasonable prices.

Its use

Generally, the catalytic converter will be used mainly on motor vehicles in order to reduce the toxicity of the exhaust gases. It will be found in the location of the dust filters in order to recover the toxic molecules and to put them in contact with rare metals to finally transform them into much less dangerous particles.

However, the catalysis system can be used in other fields such as combustion heating, depollution, and acceleration of biochemical processes. You can find smaller models that can purify your home environment while spraying the fragrance of your choice.

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