Tablecloths, flowers, placemats, candles, table runners, lights: how to make a beautiful table for your guests?

You're having people over and you already have an idea of the menu. Your only concern now is the decoration of the dining table. Indeed, a dining table must be well decorated so that the guests find a good appetite and feel you are attending to them. A well decorated table promotes the success of a good meal. Decorating a table is very easy even if you don't have much inspiration. You don't need to spend a lot of money on a fancy vase or chinaware either. Follow these tips and your guests will be dazzled by your decoration.

Choosing the tablecloth and table runners

To choose a tablecloth, start by looking at the size of your table. If your table is large, you will need a large tablecloth, if on the contrary you have a small one then the tablecloth will be the same. Choose plain colors for your table linen, like white, which gives class taste and goes well with any color of tableware and table runner of your choice. Checkered tablecloths are reserved for the picnic. If you're entertaining guests with children, choose a coated tablecloth that doesn't need machine washing. Just blot-up the mayonnaise or sauce stains and you're done. You can also choose polyester, as it holds up well in the washing machine.

Flower or candle?

Your goal is to impress your guests and you're not sure whether to go with flowers, candles or both. It is important to know that a table should not be cluttered, as this will obstruct the guests' view. They need space to enjoy the meal. For a simple but charming decoration, you can opt for glass jars with flowers. Or floating candles which are also very trendy nowadays.


Napkins are also very elegant decorative elements if you know how to fold them. There are two types of napkins: paper and cloth. Paper napkins are very practical because they are easy to use, especially for children, and once used, they are thrown away. As for cloth napkins, they give a formal look. If you're short on inspiration or can't afford to buy decorations, consider napkins. You can fold them in the shape of a fan, a leaf, a swan, etc. You can also insert spoons and forks in them.

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