Why are catalytic lamps better than candles and incense?

Candle, incense and catalysis lamp are objects intended to scent and at the same time illuminate your home. But it turns out that the third alternative remains the best choice. To see its history, its functioning and a comparison to the othertwo items seems interesting to justify this reasoning.  

History of the catalysis lamp

Around 1898, this lamp was invented only to purify the air in hospitals. In 1930, the idea of preparing one to diffuse scent required the creation of an internal research laboratory. It took two years to reach the market. It began to invade homes to spread pleasant smells and create a romantic atmosphere. Nowadays, catalytic scented lamps have also become decorative items for any room in the house: living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc.  

How does a catalytic lamp work and how to use it?

Loaded with the liquid aroma through a funnel, the catalytic part is brought to a high temperature with the burner located above it. For your safety, you must place it on a flat and stable surface far from any heat source. Then slide the wick in to install the burner properly. Take a match or lighter to light it. For the first time in use, wait for 20 minutes, the time that the tuft is impregnated with the fragrance before setting it on fire. For the next 2 minutes, keep a close eye on the lighting and never put the frame on the flame. After this time, smother it and collect it to prevent any danger of burning. The device will then begin to spread the aroma you have introduced into your room.  

Comparison between catalytic lamp, candle and incense

Scented and romantic atmosphere remain the common point of these 3 objects. With the abundance of types existing today, you can select what suits you: floral scent such as lavender, rose, fruity as lemons, grapefruit, or woody as sandalwood, wood, etc. The options are varied. If the first one works with liquid perfume, it can be refilled until it deteriorates. You can therefore change your choice willingly. To do this, it is necessary to get rid of the previous smell with neutral emanation. The only danger, which is fire, is avoided by following the instructions for use. Otherwise, candles work with kerosene and incense with sticks. Both of them are disposable once consumed. Moreover, once burned, they release toxic products such as benzene or formaldehyde, which are harmful to health.    
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