How to eliminate tobacco odours?

Smoking is one of the addictions that result from immunity to products made from tobacco leaf such as cigars, pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco or cigarettes. Although it is considered one of the greatest threats to health, everyone can take it in their own dose and way to use wisely.

Tobacco and its smell

 Tobacco is an addictive substance. There are many reasons for smoking, but it depends on the individual. Besides being addictive, smoking can cause many diseases depending on the tolerance or intolerance of each consumer. It is true that smoking brings a pleasant effect to the addicted, but it should not be forgotten that not everyone can tolerate it and that it causes a bad effect, even when you are exposed only to its smell. This is why consumers try to find ways to hide the smell with permanent scented cans or deodorizing bottles such as the perfume refills of Maison Berger lamp in the room as well as in the car or in a locked room that could bother another person.

The most common tobaccos: three types

Since it is a generic substance, tobacco is not made of one sole kind of leaf, but also from toxic ones such as brown tobacco and less toxic ones such as blond tobacco, as well as rolling tobacco.

- The brown tobacco smokes an "alkaline" smoke that gratifies the assimilation of nicotine in contact with the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat. The smoke of this first type is less extreme than in the case of the other tobaccos.

- As for blond tobacco, it produces an acidic smoke that requires a fairly sharp inhale to allow the smoker to absorb a significant amount of nicotine.

- On the other hand, roll-your-own tobacco is the least harmful of all and it costs much less than the others. However, the inhalation of this one can absorb much more nicotine, carbon monoxide as well as tar.

Eliminating the smell of tobacco: the best tips

In any case, noxious, acidic or alkaline, each and every tobacco gives off an odour that is not necessarily pleasant for everyone. This is why, for the smoker, it is necessary to know how to remedy it in order to limit the embarrassment caused around him. There are several ways to do this, such as:

- Air the whole house or the room well

- Empty the ashtrays regularly

- Use an air purifier regularly

- Regularly wash linens that can retain odours even after proper ventilation

- Use anti-smoking candles or essential oil diffusers

All essential oils can be used, but the most recommended are those of eucalyptus, rosemary or lemon. You should also not neglect fragrance lamps to eliminate tobacco odours.

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