A well-adapted mattress and a box spring to sleep well

The comfort of your sleep depends largely on the quality of your bedding. Therefore, you should not choose these items randomly. It is important to remember that everyone has their own sleeping habits. If you like to lie on a soft mattress, others would prefer a stiffer one for their back. That's why it's important to find the right mattress and box spring to get a good night's sleep.

Mattress and box spring: why adapt them well?

Most bedding companies offer their customers the opportunity to purchase a new mattress and box spring at the same time. It's important that these two products work together perfectly to ensure a good night's sleep for their users. For example, if you plan to buy a foam mattress, you should also buy a slatted base. With a spring mattress, we recommend a spring or slatted base. This combination will guarantee optimal comfort and limit the rapid deterioration of your bedding.

Despite what we think, the bed base plays an important role in the quality of your sleep. If you decide to sleep on the floor, your mattress will wear out very quickly. It will also settle under the effect of your weight. Even if you initially purchased a sturdy model without a box spring, it will not last long. The perfect match between the box spring and the mattress makes it even easier to install your new bedding.

Once it's delivered to your home, you'll have no trouble setting it up. Simply place your mattress on the box spring and it will find its place. The other great advantage of this mattress and box spring combination is that you can make a very good deal if you decide to buy your mattress and box spring at the same time from the same retailer.

Which technology to choose for your mattress?

There are many brands of bedding on the market today. Each one offers mattresses designed according to its own technology. However, many brands offer different mattress models to meet the comfort needs of the greatest number of people. Spring mattresses are still very popular today. The advantage of this technology is that it allows the mattress to be well ventilated. Memory foam mattresses are also very popular. This type of foam adapts to the shape of your body. It provides you with perfect support. However, it is more expensive to purchase than other technologies. Pocket springs, multi-coil springs, polyurethane foams, and other types of mattresses are still available on the market, but the choice will depend largely on the budget you wish to invest and the level of comfort you are looking for. To avoid making a mistake, don't hesitate to ask your salesperson for advice on which type of mattress will best meet your needs. 

How to choose a bed base according to your mattress?

When you're looking to change your mattress, you'll need to consider finding a suitable box spring at the same time. As your mattress wears out, so will your box spring. If you don't replace your box spring, your new mattress will quickly wear out.

When it comes to bed bases, the choice is vast. Over time, brands have developed different technologies to adapt to the needs of consumers. You can choose a fixed bed base which is the most common type. This kind of bed base comes in several models: those with springs, those with flexible slats and those with wood suspension. The first model gives you a very flexible bedding. This is also the case with flexible slats. The fixed bed bases with wooden suspension ensure, for their part, a perfect ventilation.

You also have the option of choosing articulated bed bases. These models are equipped with a motorization allowing, for example, to raise the backrest. They are very practical for people with circulation problems. If you are attracted by these articulated models, you can buy either a slatted bed base or a flexible slatted bed base. For people who lack space at home and want to avoid cluttering up their bedroom, they can choose a box spring with built-in storage. The latter promises to save you a lot of space.

How to maintain your mattress and box spring?

Just like the other furniture in your home, you also need to maintain your new bedding to ensure its longevity. This maintenance is also important for your health. The first thing to remember here is that bedding hates humidity. It can promote the development of mold and the proliferation of dust mites. The first thing you need to do is to make sure your bedroom is well ventilated. If your bedroom lacks ventilation, you should opt for a spring mattress, which is more practical in this case.

Also remember to change your sheets regularly. Do you know that it is possible to vacuum your mattress? This action limits dust, mold and allergens. The ideal is to opt for a mattress with a removable cover so that you can send the cover to be washed each time. However, dry cleaning is just as effective. However, you should not use too aggressive tools to wash your mattress and box spring, as this can damage them. When you plan to take care of your box spring, it's best to remove the entire mattress so that everything is clean. You will also need to clean the pillows and the covers that protect your mattress.

Mattress and box spring: some points to remember

The perfect combination of your mattress and box spring ensures comfort, relaxation and a good night's sleep every night. Avoid putting your mattress on the floor, because it will wear out after a while. The board placed under the mattress is also not recommended, because normally your support is already assured by the suspension of your bed.

If you want firm support, fixed or passive slats are for you. For more flexibility, turn to slats with suspensions. In any case, you should never forget that the bed base and mattress are simply inseparable. You can always ask your salesperson for advice so that you don't make the wrong choice. Your mattress will ensure your comfort, while your box spring will ensure your support.

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