How to maintain your pillows for a long time?

Published on : 28 June 20216 min reading time

Nothing is more pleasant than sleeping in clean bedding. In fact, the quality of your sleep depends largely on the quality of your bedding, such as, the pillow which plays the most important role in ensuring a comfortable sleep. You need to know how to keep it and how to maintain it. Theoretically, the average life span of a pillow is 2 years. However, depending on its maintenance, this period can be shortened to 6 months, and vice versa, it can be extended to 10 years. Even if the budget allocated for a pillow is not that important, it is in your interest to maintain it to guarantee your comfort. So, when buying your pillows, consider a crucial element “a pillow protector”. Pamper your pillow so it pampers you while you sleep. So how do you maintain your pillows in a long-lasting way?   

Cover your pillows with a pillow protector

In order to maximize the life of pillows, pillow protectors are your true allies. These are usually pressed out of the pillowcase, but there are still many challenges. A pillow protector fights dust mites, keeps the pillow in ideal condition and even helps you regulate your body temperature. It is basically a protective cover. It forms like an extra layer of protection that helps reduce the amount of fat and body residue, dust and dust mites that accumulate on your pillow. This reduces the risk of allergy, especially to dust mites, and allows for easy maintenance. It has the ability to resist repeated washings. The pillow protector is a cover placed between the pillow and the pillowcase to form a protective barrier. The cover absorbs moisture and helps keep the pillow clean longer, reducing odor development, while ensuring the quality of the filling. Your pillow can provide optimal comfort for a long time. This pillow topper also helps prevent stains and halos on the pillow, which are usually difficult to remove.

A pillow protector to extend the life of your pillows

The main reason to choose a quality pillow cover is obviously the fact that it can take care of your pillow. Thanks to this underlay, you will be cradled all night long.   To ensure its effectiveness, please choose a 100% cotton pillow protector, which is elastic and will not shrink during washing. This type of cover allows you to keep the pillow soft and comfortable. Whether you have a memory foam, feather, down or synthetic pillow, a pillow protector is designed to boost its life. Do you have an ergonomic pillow? Pillow covers help maintain these healthy items, keeping your body healthy for a long time. No matter what size your pillows are, they deserve the best.

Opt for a pillow protector for impeccable sleep hygiene

In addition to taking care of your pillow, a pillow protector can also protect your health. It represents an additional barrier to prevent dust mites from spreading to your pillows. Indeed, when you sleep, dander, sweat and saliva settle on your pillows. When your body emits heat, your pillows will soon become a breeding ground for these little parasites, which will multiply rapidly. The health consequences can be serious: itching, breathing difficulties, red skin or eyes can disrupt your sleep. Therefore, in order to maintain impeccable hygiene while you sleep, please place a pillow cover between the pillow and the pillowcase. Clean it every week to ensure that dust mites will not disturb your night.

If you tend to sweat easily during the night, you can use a cool pillowcase. There are, in fact, fabrics made specifically to moderate body temperature so that you can keep your head cool even on hot summer nights. So, be careful when purchasing your anti-perspiration pillow cover. Don’t choose an ordinary fabric that is meant for surface treatment. Instead, choose a fabric that can provide a cool temperature by itself. This way, you will feel the cold sensation even after washing.

How to choose a pillow protector?

There are a few criteria to consider when selecting a pillow protector. A pillow cover is made by size, by its thickness and by the quality of the foams that compose it. Thus, be sure to determine the dimensions of your pillows in order to fill them according to the requested thickness. Know that 11 cm is the standard thickness.

Then, select the shape of the pillow according to your needs. Today’s trend is memory foam. It is soft and its foam adopts the shape of each position of the head. It is also important to choose the fabrics for your pillow cover. Logically, the pillow cover takes the shape of a pillow and is made of certain fabric. Cotton is the most comfortable and the most chosen by users. Cotton makes your night warm and soft, but it does not absorb moisture, sweat or even saliva. Therefore, it is used in combination with polyester which has waterproof and hygroscopic properties. The details of the materials used to make these fabrics can be verified by the presence of hypoallergenic laundry products.

Before buying a pillow protector, please do not ignore the brand. Choose a reputable brand for a guarantee of quality. However, you can determine several models, select and order directly from the website of the selected brand. The last tip is to choose the price of the pillow cover. These figures depend on the quality of the fabric, which makes it a kind of pillowcase that has both medicinal, comfortable, soft and famous memory functions. Finally, it is best to choose a pillow cover that offers ease of maintenance.

Pillow protector: care guide

To have a clean and dust free pillow protector, it is important to leave the windows open to air it and expose it to the summer sun. Indeed, dust mites do not like to be exposed to the sun, even at temperatures below 15° C. This advice also applies to your bedding. It is also necessary to ventilate the spring box to prevent the spread of dust mites. This is a simple tip that you can apply because it only takes a few minutes. As for the washing, it is advised to wash your pillow cover in machine, with warm water and then you will have to dry it at low temperature. It is not recommended to wash it in hot water and let it dry in the sun. In fact, this would damage it and shrink it. Dry cleaning is also not recommended.

If you are looking for this bedding protector, just do your research online. Online shopping sites offer you a range of pillow covers in different sizes and shapes to suit your needs. This pillow renovation will best protect your pillow from dust, thus increasing its lifespan. These sites specialize in selling bedding protectors and will offer you breathable and soft materials to ensure optimal comfort.

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