Pillows like in a hotel, I dream of them! Where to find them?

Long before the dawn of time, cavemen who were lying on flat rocks and using them as a pillow, talked about comfort. And since there was the tuft of leaves, then the soft mammalian fur, then the assembly of bird feathers in silk, up to the ingenious stuffing techniques of today, what a path!

What you should know before buying a pillow

It is very common for hotel pillows to contain hollow siliconized polyester fibers for a perfect filling that is well distributed throughout the pillow. There are also down pillows filled with feathers and down feathers for lightness and firmness, and it is this what gives the plump shape that we all love so much. In addition to these advantages, the down pillow has been specially designed to adapt to the sleeper's position, for a better support of the neck without creating tension to the spine. The hotel pillow is notably rectangular in shape, which is a technique for perfect relaxation of the upper body as opposed to the traditional 60×60 square that did not provide much. Finally, it should be noted that the lifespan of a standard pillow is 3 years because of the appearance of microbes called "dust mites" that could cause severe allergies. There is also the wear and tear of the stuffing materials which makes it lose all its assets as a relaxation pillow, so it is strongly advised to opt for a down hotel pillow.

Where to buy the same pillow as in the hotel?

As the saying goes, "to get good milk, you have to go to the source," and that's what a hotel is known for. Hotel pillows are produced in factories that specialize in the material, carefully selecting each one. These factories also have their own laboratories to test each product for the best possible result or for the most beneficial improvement. These pillows are available as soon as they leave the factory in authorized sales outlets, or on the Internet in almost all sales sites.

How much does a high-end pillow cost?

The gap between the price of a hotel pillow and that of a standard pillow is very obvious, and this is one of the main reasons why people turn to low-end standard pillows. In general, the price of a hotel pillow can vary depending on the brand and size, ranging from 7 to 200 euros of the most shocking price. However, if you really care about comfort, economy and health, the subject of the somewhat expensive hotel pillow price will be no more than a small passing nightmare.

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